Pivot character types in snowflake

In snowflake, is it possible to pivot character data? best case scenario is i have data that looks like

ColA ColB ColC Cov notable

Where ColA, ColB, and ColC is the level of granularity of my data.

And my objective is to create

ColA ColB ColC notable_cov1 notable_cov2… which will have much fewer rows and one extra column per Cov.

Is there a way to do this easily? I tried unsuccessfully with Chat GPT :frowning:

What I have success with for both numeric and varchar datatypes is

select s1.*
, first_value(s1.Lim) over( partition by ColA, ColB, ColC order by ColA, ColB, ColC) cov1_notable
from step1 s1 where s1.Cov = ‘Cov1’

The problem is, i have to write a CTE for each item in Cov. Is there a way to dynamically creat for all possible cov entries to transpose the notable field?