People who rerack the 45 lb plates on the 5 lb peg

Why man

Or woman


I never caught the person doing it but I’m gonna guess it’s you

I’m not even sure what you meant by that.

Oh, never mind. Now I get it. It’s early for me.

Yeah, people don’t look at it at large commercial gyms. Mostly because people move shit around and then it gets too far to put things back.

Like if the rack has 4 45s, and you need 6 45s, you have to go to another rack. And when you’re done, you might be too lazy and just put all 6 45s back on your rack, and if there’s no room, it just ends up on the 35s.

Some iterations later, nothing is where it should be

In high school weightlifting class they told us to rack the 45 pound plates on the higher peg (of the machines) so they didn’t have to move as far. I always felt the 45 pound plates should go closest to the floor. The most likely time to drop them is loading and unloading from the pegs, not the actual bar/machine.

If you’re talking a standalone set of pegs, It’s annoying when people block an entire peg by putting a 45 lb in a weird spot.

Makes sense but I never seen a rack designed that way. When it’s labeled the top peg is usually 5 or 2.5 lb. When it’s not labeled you can tell it’s still for the smaller weights because like you said a 45 will block the other pegs.

From a structural stability point of view light weights on top makes the most sense.

I agree with this methodology