PEI Hockey suspends player for Social Media violation

Michael Keegan was suspended indefinitely for calling out an official in violation of league social media policies. He called him out for failing to react to a racial slur by an apposing player against one of Keegan’s teammates. Claims the referee laughed with the slurist (?) and the league did very little about it. PEI hockey has not responded yet as far as I have seen. Not a very big hockey fan, but it seems that this might become something. Then again, maybe not.

I M impressed

Interesting. Curious what was said / exactly how bad it was. And being anti-Asian, if it had anything to do with Covid.

Obviously any racial slurs are not ok. But I’m curious why the league felt it wasn’t as big a deal as the player thought.

This has been sorted out. PEI Hockey should still be pretty embarrassed about it’s initial actions.


Glad to see what looks like a reasonable decision. Thanks for posting the update.