Pee shortage

I heard there was some kind of pee shortage that’s gonna stop all the truckers in Australia from trucking

Should I subscribe?

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Outlook good


Sounds like someone is trying to corner the market on this vital COVID cure.

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The price of urea continues to climb with no end in sight

Friends, Romans, Countrymen …

There’s a market for this :poop:???

:crystal_ball: Your pee will never taste better than right now! Cheers! :beers:

As Kenny was referring to, all those selfish people drinking their own urine should think of the poor Australian truckers.

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  1. After chips and salsa for lunch, I’m pretty sure you’re wrong.

  2. This post would have been better if someone had tried to ask discobot and screwed up the command, and you had responded to them.

Also would be better if your username was more like
discobat [this could also be used for any dance-related threads]

and a few other possibilities, instead of something that’s pretty apparently not the real thing.

One of my paralegals at Hoffman and Associates will invoice you overnight for the advice. Terms are 15/10 net 30, and you’re already getting the standard GoA discount so don’t bother asking for better.

There’s not a shortage of pee in your Cheerios.

There’s a shortage of Cheerios in my pee.