Pearson VUE time slots

How is everyone else’s experience with getting time slots at Pearson? They put the exam window over the course of a week, but once again, after searching the 3 Pearson centers within driving distance I get offered a whopping two windows to take my exam.

The false sense of flexibility is so annoying.


This happened to me as well and if I remember correctly, last time the same thing happened and then a week or two after registration opened Pearson started showing more slots.

What I am going to do is to check Pearson every few days until more slots open up.

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Has anyone had luck with finding time slots? I see some slots are open in test centers about an hour from me but none near me. I will reach out to Pearson Vue tomorrow and see what they say.

I spoke to the CAS and Pearson Vue and it turns out that Pearson stinks. The CAS can’t do anything about Pearson and Pearson told me that availability is what it is.
FWIW I checked some centers in the Toronto and they have lots of availability. Sorry @CuriousGeorge for the false sense of hope/optimism.

I would also reach out to the CAS, if enough people reach out then maybe they can do something about it.

It’s like this every year, from what I can tell. I guess as long as you can get any spot, I suppose you can just pretend it’s like the old world when you only had one choice to start with.