Pearson Cancellations superthread

Starting a post to collect data/anecdotes on Pearson cancellations, since they seem to be done on an individual basis.

If your sitting is cancelled, would appreciate your info on:

  • country/state of exam sitting
  • exam date

or however much or little information you are comfortable with providing.

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Starting to get nervous about this a bit…

If you want to anonymize it some, and if you trust me, you cam PM me with your location and time that’s been cancelled, and Ill post it without your name. (I am an FCAS, and not sitting for anything.)

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I have a friend in San Francisco sitting for an exam and he called Pearson today and they said they’re an essential business so there shouldn’t be any cancellations

Adding some data points (not myself)


MI - early Dec
MI - early Dec
ON - early Dec

(Reddit source) Toronto - early Dec

Adding a data point (not me)
CA, Alameda county, early December (cancelled)

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I’m done with both of my sittings. Glad this thread isn’t getting much use.

So long my friends. Until next year

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Congrats on being done! I hope you get some good news in a couple months.

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