Parody threads - works in progress

Are bridges worth burning?


Need help picking a booger

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Is Bridger worth learning?

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_______ that reminds you of another _______.

Thread to bump when you fake a nap.

I knew wife was going to ask me to come along dress shopping so she’d have someone to hold her purse while she tried things on.



Thread to bump when you make a fap
Definitely NSFW

Dumping Mable
I’m thinking of ending it with my GF, her name is so 1940’s…

The Future of Actuarial Salads

What will you be having in your salad 20 years from now?

Squirrel on the Internet


Paging @Echo

Eating all of your bacon at the same time

Is it bad if I polished off the whole package myself?


Actuarial Chest Club

Show us your pecs


Accidentally the whole thing? Rawr!!!

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Moving the forum to dws

Oh no, not again


Had to bump this one since the other thread got bumped

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Moving the forum to was

… which is exactly what happened to the AO.

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Coffee contusion

I dropped my coffee mug on my foot and it hurts


Quick hippo question

Are they really the most dangerous animal in Africa?

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I’ve heard that hippos kill more people than elephants or lions and other large felines.

Africa has some pretty poisonous snakes too. Not sure how those compare to hippos.

I wonder to what extent it’s because people are less afraid of hippos because they don’t look all that intimidating compared to an elephant (African elephants are HYUGE) or a lion or cheetah and thus people are less careful near hippos.

Oh, this is the parody thread so you weren’t looking for a serious answer. I missed the thread you’re parodying I guess.

In any case disregard my previous post.