Parody threads - works in progress

Common Law Charger:
If your girlfriend has been living with you in your single wide for 7+ years, do you have rights to her Dodge?

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Need to get Tiffany’s take.

Would you Abelian Grape for your country?

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Need a thread titled “What I never want to think about”.

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“Parity threads – wokes in progress.”

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Practice stakes

Do first time vampire hunters just take their shot, or do they practice staking a few things first? You ever buy like 10 stakes just to practice?

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Apes You’d Recommend

Not a big Julius fan, but Zira, ooh…

Travel Vices

Parrot-y threads in the works (I’m thinking more like the Jimmy Buffet genre)

Markering Actuaries

I ChIP’d your post. :hamburger:

Polo making a combeback?
:horse_racing: :person_playing_water_polo: :man_playing_water_polo: :woman_playing_water_polo: :marco:

Polio making a combback. I do the same to cover my bald spot.

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Yeah, polo is usually played on a flat field, not a short valley or hollow on a hillside or coastline.

Should I try THE backdoor method?

Can you deduct deflated footballs from your taxes?

Asking for Tom Brady

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Improved health and lifestyle from quitting drinking bleach

Do you twerk outside the house?

Ruining thread