PAK Study Manual and Online Seminar for ILA Exams (Spring 2023)

It is my honor to tell you that our PAK Study Manual and Online Seminar for ILA exams will be available soon for Spring 2023 exam sitting. I know a lot of you were waiting for the new syllabi and as you might have seen in the new syllabi, they are just shifting the materials between LPM and LAM. The largest change is in LFM US where they are adding a new study note for US GAAP and remove some readings. Overall, it is still quite a lot of material for a 4-hour exam. We will be releasing some materials first so that you can start studying early.

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*"I loved PAK for the life and annuity track

I rarely ever referenced the SOA study notes but I did always have them available. I leaned heavily on the PAK summarys and manual instead.

Passed everything first try except for the valuation exam.”*
-ILA student

“Passed all FSA life track exams on first try using only PAK (and nothing else). I liked the formatting, found it easy to read.”
-ILA student

Good news! We finished the summaries for the new readings and we should be releasing the full study manual this week!