PAK Study Manual and Online Seminar for ILA Exams (Fall 2023)

Hi All,

It is my honor to announce that the PAK Study Manual Package / PAK Online Seminar ( Fall 2023 ) are now available. Please note that we added the second-attempt guarantee in our PAK Study Manual Package. This guarantee will give you the free access of the updated materials in Spring 2024 exam administration (if you do not pass the exam in Fall 2023).

Our PAK products include the following items:

  • PAK Study Manual
  • PAK Flash Cards
  • PAK Exam Aid
  • PAK Test Aid
  • PAK Online Seminar

The PAK Suggested Study Schedules for ILA are available on our PAK website ( ). The samples of our manuals are attached in this post. Our products are available for purchase on the FIA Bookstore, Actuarial Bookstore, and Actex.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thanks!

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*"I loved PAK for the life and annuity track

I rarely ever referenced the SOA study notes but I did always have them available. I leaned heavily on the PAK summarys and manual instead.

Passed everything first try except for the valuation exam.”*
-ILA student

“Passed all FSA life track exams on first try using only PAK (and nothing else). I liked the formatting, found it easy to read.”
-ILA student

*“I just passed My last FSA exam and I passed all of the 3 FSA exams with the help of PAK Study materials. With this email I would like to express My warmest gratitude for all the support and the great materials that you guys constructed. This ends My actuarial exam journey and you guys never be forgotten!
-ILA student

Passed LAM! Thank you, Francis and Eddy! You guys were good and very helpful. I couldn’t finish this journey without your support. I highly recommend PAK products to everyone.

Hope to meet you guys and thank you in person.

Just want to give a shoutout to the PAK team! I passed both LPM and LFMU using PAK and their study materials are AWESOME, especially the online seminar. I like it how it is not completely a replica of the study manual so i’m getting different perspectives from various instructors. Definitely very helpful when they go over the past exam questions so that I know how to answer and maximize the points. If you are hestiating on which study manual to get, no need to think more - just get PAK.

Looking forward to pass my very last exam with PAK. Thanks all

Thank you so much Francis! I got a 9 on my last LAM exam! When I read the dollar duration questions in the LAM exam, I knew I would pass it! This is my last exam. No more exams!

Since I had used PAK in both LPM and LFMUS too, and passed them on my first try, let’s share my study experience here:

  1. I downloaded the PAK suggested study schedule and modified it to my own schedule. I followed it very closely to make sure that I did not fall behind.

  2. I read the readings and the manual based on the syllabus order. I wrote many notes on the manual and asked Francis if something did not kick in. BTW, thank you very much Francis for answering my questions!

  3. I also watched Garry’s and Francis’s videos. They helped me grasp the concepts and understand the calculations efficiently.

  4. I used the audio flashcards when I was in gym/train. I also played the flashcards in Anki app. They helped me remember all the key concepts. This was very important because at the beginning of my study, I always forgot most of the materials after I read them. By using the audio and Anki flashcards, I could remember more and answer more in the past exam questions.

  5. Next is to practice, practice, practice. Practicing the past exam questions and the PAK practice/mock questions is essential. I did find some inconsistencies in the SOA solutions and discussed it with Francis. He helped me clear the confusion.

That’s it. Good luck everyone!