Organization of topics

Could you put some thought into this when you get a chance? I feel like potentially high interest areas (the sandbox) are very low on the page, while low interest areas (the lounge) get prime real estate.

I think I’d move the lounge to the bottom, and move the sandbox to be right under the professional stuff.

I’d probably leave “welcome to discourse” at the top, for new posters… Despite it’s lack of long term interest.

I’d put site feedback, the lounge, and the staff areas towards the bottom, with the private groups below them.

Oh, the burn, when you do something deliberately and people think it’s just random :smile:.

My thinking was in order of interest/popularity. Exams first, then the lounge/sandbox as they’re the equivalent of the old NAT, then professional, then careers, with site suggestions and private groups last.

I further suggested to T that we combine the lounge and the sandbox, otherwise retaining the same order. T wanted to retain the lounge.

Thus, what we have. Not disagreeing that it needs to change, just explaining the results.

T? Anyone else? Thoughts? I don’t care what the order is, I just figured that we want the popular ones up top, and exams at the first since that’s where newcomers are likely to go first.

The sandbox is showing up below private groups. So… maybe the order is no longer what you intended?

Also, I support the idea of making “The Lounge” a sub-category of the sandbox. I’d list it last.

Here’s what I see, I don’t see the sandbox below private groups:

Can you take a screenshot and post please?

As for the lounge, great idea. I’ll move it into the sandbox unless I’m told otherwise.

yes, but it shows my real name. :slight_smile: I’ll send you a PM or something.

I didn’t even know there was a lounge!

I am curious why it’s called “The Sandbox” instead of “Non-Actuarial Topics”. Is that a default title, or was it intentionally chosen?

Here’s what I see:

Ah, I think I found my problem. For some reason, the sandbox category was muted in my settings. I changed that to “normal” and it’s back near the top, where it belongs.

I don’t see no lounge. Rude.

The title was deliberately chosen. I dunno, I like it.

How about now?

Now I see even less. Just the exams. Everything else is gone…

Okay, it’s back to normal now. Still no lounge. But it’s okay.

Refresh again. I moved you up to TL3

So is all it takes to get to T3 is saying that it’s rude to be excluded?

I don’t see no lounge. Rude.

How about now? You bump up automatically after a brief time participating on the forum. Or I can bump you up by hand.

I see it now. Didn’t see it at first because I thought it’d be its own category, but it’s showing up under sandbox for me. Thanks~!

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I have ignored a category - but am still getting posts from subcategories under it showing up in my “latest” list. I can’t find a setting to address this.

Mute the subcategories as well.

There’s no difference between subcategories and categories other than ordering.

That’s too bad. I was hoping to do them all in one fell swoop.