Online Newspaper Subscriptions

New York Times just announced that they are closing their sports department, so a regular subscriber can only read sports if they pay extra for their subsidiary, The Athletic. Another subsidiary, Wirecutter, also costs extra and they keep showing links to the articles.

I’m thinking of discontinuing our subscription and looking into Washington Post, which advertises a first year price of $60 for two people.

Does anybody have experience with WaPo/NYTimes subscriptions and can compare the two? I’m also tempted by The Atlantic and Medium. Any others worth looking into?

Honest question, why pay? I’ve heard NYT may have gotten technologically savvy, but you can get at those for free.

Don’t you want to support the “public service mission” and “responsible journalism” of these news organizations?

I do not.

I got a sub to the WSJ for $1 a week. They bill be $4 every 4 weeks.

I would love to support responsible journalism but don’t want to support click bait articles.

Isn’t WaPo super cheap now?

Digitally, I pay $2/week. Its way less vs FT

Yes, that’s unfortunately a large % of the “headlines”