Online escape room?


Has anyone ever done an online escape room? I’m considering proposing it as a fun team activity to finish the week on a Friday or something, but don’t know anyone who’s actually done one. I know they exist and there are some websites which rank them, not that i know if they have any credibility.

Has anyone done an online escape room with our without colleagues? Do you think this could be a fun team building activity?

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My company did this through Puzzle Break ( It’s tricky because “thinking out loud” on a group call is messier than doing it in person in smaller subgroups. Overall I thought it was okay - not terrible, but definitely not at the same level as in-person ones.

We did one at work and I also did one with my friends through this company.

The board game ones are fun, imo.

My company did one of these. Worked out fairly well. Times are a little slower due to logistics.

Escape rooms are a good activity for actuaries.


Exactly. :smiley: