Online Backup Services

I know we had a thread on the AO about this but I don’t see one here yet.

I have been using iDrive Personal for the last couple of years. They raised their price by a little over 15% (from $70 to $80/year) so I am looking to see what else is out there. Based on prior searches it is still a reasonable price for how I want to use it, but now seemed like a good time to look again.

I have liked iDrive because it was fairly easy to set-up, you can use it on a unlimited number of computers (I need at least 4 but 6 is preferable), and it is automatic and runs in the background (which is nice when set-up on the wife and kids computers). I believe it can also be set-up to be used like a cloud-based folder (like DropBox) so you can sync files across multiple computers. I haven’t used it for this purpose but have considered it.

What do y’all use? What do you like/dislike? How much is it?

All our data for all of our PC’s is hosted on a ‘cloud’ server I have in our data center. That server has redundant drives. The cloud server is backed up automatically to a second backup server also with redundant drives.

The backup server is then backed up offsite to a seperate computer in my home office.

I also recently put all the data for my kids’ laptops on the cloud server, with associated backups.

That way all of our PC’s and laptops are dummy terminals - they have no data stored locally to die.

Maybe a bit overkill for most people :).

In our household, the computers back up the files to a Synology NAS. The Synology NAS uses Syno’s Hyberbackup utility to archive files with Backblaze’s B2 service.

I still use crashplan, which has gotten expensive, so I’m also interested in this thread. I also use a time machine for my “main” computer, and copy stuff into drop box that lives on my other computers but i want backed up.

(My main computer has decades of email, photos, and audio files that are valuable to me.)