Ok I found the guy...should I tell him?

Alright some time back I made a thread ranting about how pissed off I was about some mystery person who keeps reracking the weights in the wrong spot/order, if they even did that. 45 lb plates on the 2.5 lb peg, bunch of plates scattered all around the floor etc.

Okay so I finally found the guy, he was working out a little later than usual and I observed that his lifts were just as unorganized as his racking. The plates were just in some random order on the bar to the point where it wasn’t clear whether he had the same amount on each side and I’m astonished he didn’t accidentally fall over or something. I know he can count because I asked him how many sets he had left and he did the right number.

Then he went over to do deadlifts with the Smith machine (!). Then he just takes the weights off one side and just leaves the weights on the other side of the bar after that when he was done. Obviously this guy can use a lesson in gym etiquette and needs to fix his workout and I’m wondering if I should tell him. Or maybe he’ll just injure himself and then the problem will solve itself when he stops going.

What do

Seems like a problem for the people that run the gym or whatever.


Yeah, i might mention it to whoever is in charge. They can either address it with him, or ignore it, depending on their policy.


Agreed. Ask the gym staff to watch him, if they haven’t noticed


Is he gonna break you in half if you say anything

I don’t think so. I’m a lot stronger than he is so I’m not really worried about that.

Tell him and report back.

Then go alpha male on him my dawg. Also, there should be signs around the gym that you can point to telling him that he should rerack.

He may kick you in the balls and while you are down, start dropping free weights on your head.

You will be laying there yelling, “NO, that is the wrong order”


Go do exercises with the weights lying around. After a massively impressive-looking rep, throw your head back Ric Flair style and thank him for being a slob and leaving them lying around and mis-racked in violation of club rules. Let him know it gives you a chance to try out this awesome new exercise program you found and you’ve increased your squats, dead lift and bench by 10 lbs. in the last week because of him, and you’ve never felt better.

End it with an alpha male’s alpha male’s WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Bonus points if you can work in how the women call you Space Mountain and line up to take rides.


Helps to have backup, like five other people who agree with you that his etiquette is lacking.
Also, video, if that’s allowed in your workout area.

Depends a lot on whether you want to be the gym sheriff or not from now on.

these five others could just be the gym staff

that’s my purse

I don’t know you