Offline for a few minutes tonite

I’m going to do a software upgrade this evening. We’ll be offline for 3-5 minutes because the upgrades are painfully slow.
No other interruptions expected. Of course they always happen when you least expect it, but I’m sure it’ll be just fine. Probably.

Is this upgrade why all the fonts are different or did I accidentally adjust some setting without realizing it?

Just curious.

Must be the upgrade. I’ll have a look.


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It wasn’t a big deal or anything… just unexpected!

And definitely had me wondering what setting I adjusted and how, because that stuff is usually user error on my part.

It was an upgrade bug, somehow the font being shown wasn’t lining up with what was set in the admin panel.

My colors are all different. I don’t know that it’s a big deal, but that might also have been an unintentional change.

Try setting your theme to something different, saving it, then change it back and save it again. Some of the settings aren’t lining up with what’s in the control panel.

It looks like “light” and “shades of blue” are showing up the same. I’ve traditionally used “light”, and prefer it, but now it is stuck in “shades of blue”.

looks exactly the same for me between light and blue

Yeah, i, also, used to use “light” and now my colors are stuck at “light blue”.

I was able to get it back to “light”! Yay!!!

Mine just spontaneously became “light” again. :smiley:

What in tarnation?