Official Thanksgiving Video Repository

I learned that a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving was streaming on Apple TV. Shortly thereafter, someone mentioned the WKRP Turkey Drop, and that both made me realize I have Halloween (Ghostbusters) and Christmas (too many to name) movies that generally get watched every year and that I have no Thanksgiving movies or videos, so this is the Official Thanksgiving Video Repository to share any thanksgiving related movies, tv show episodes, or other videos you might watch as well as to share where they are currently streaming so other people can find them.

So, what you got?

Reserved, in case I feel like keeping an updated list


That’s on my Christmas list, but Thanksgiving works too. Is that what he’s trying to home for? I know his house is decorated for Christmas by the time he gets home.

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Watched ACBT last week. Eh. Glad it is not too long.

Not sure where WKRP is streaming.

“Friends” always had a T-Day episode, because of Chandler’s childhood trauma. Nick, and just about every syndicated version, shows them slightly sped up, and yes it is noticeable, especially in comedies where timing is key. I think they are on Max.

Couldn’t find it for free so paid $1.99 on Apple TV.

I don’t understand: you have AppleTV, yet you had to pay extra for WKRP? And just for this one episode??
One reason I don’t like Amazon Prime. Pay monthly, only to have to “rent” something it “thinks” you “want” (and which sadly, is better than their original programming). Clever A.I., but it should have also figured out that I’m a cheap skate.

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Some things came with the service. Some things are available but cost extra. Still other things simply aren’t available via the service. Like cable and PPV. Or a buffet.

Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

The Target ad by SNL is a classic in my mind:

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