Office Supplies for personal use

Do you guys ever cop a pen or a pad from the office for home use? Some copy paper for your home printer? Stapler? Tape dispenser? Sugar packets from the break room?

if so, how far do you go? What stuff are you commandeering?


No issues with pen & pad. Pretty normal really when you do some math by hand (just to work out some equations).

Never bothered with much else though

I would take people’s expired Letterhead (left company / new title) to use as printed paper.

Other than that, not that I can think of outside of for my WFH office or for work trips.
I doubt I differentiate where the pen or legal pad came from before using it personally

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I can’t stay in a supply room for long, I always get the urge to poop. Same thing happens every time I walk into a Staples or Office Depot.

Pen, paper, anytime I needed to print something.

When I went into offices, anyway. It’s 1 of maybe 2 things I miss about the office, with the other being department food days.

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When I was regularly in an office, I wouldn’t have felt moral issues walking off with a pen or a notepad, but they weren’t things I intentionally sought for personal use.

Generally I get better pens or notepads for my own use than what was available in the supply room, so I had no desire to “shop”.

Now, on those occasions that there is excess company schwag for some reason… that’s a different story.

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pads of paper and pens that get used at my wfh setting. old logo printer paper a long time ago (it was being tossed) that the kids colored on.

straight taking for personal use? an envelope here or there i suppose. personal printing at the office has happened. a binder clip or two?

When I had an office, I’m sure I took the odd pen home until I started traveling and getting mountains of free pens at conferences. Maybe a handful of paper clips if I had a need, but that’s probably the extent of it, nothing major.

Now that I WFH, I just buy whatever I need on Amazon and I don’t bother expensing it. Sure, if I need a monitor I’ll get that paid for, but if I drop $9 on a ream of paper it’s fine, I’ll use a chunk of it for personal use anyway.

Pretty sure I take pen and notepads home occasionally. We are allowed to do this since we are hybrid but it still feels funny. I also use my own stuff just bc I like certain brands of pens and certain styles of notebooks better than what the office supplies. So I figure it evens out.

Very convenient to use their printer for personal stuff, also file folders and clips


I think the thing I miss most about the office is not having to worry about maintaining a printer…

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We cannot print documents at home due to security reasons. Only in the secure printers at the office.

Its not like that in the US?

In truth I haven’t tried even printing at home yet, but now it’s even worse

I used to like printing out slide decks and the like before meetings to do all the requisite checking.

I can’t print from my work computer to my home printer, but I can print from my phone, through my work email. Fun loophole.

Same. Though not for work purposes, I printed more personally than ever for work.

I’ve been thinking of getting a printer, it gets old printing off tickets or forms at the library 25 minutes away.

I don’t steal work supplies for personal use. I take paper home for note taking for work, and I have work equipment for at home use, but that will be returned if I leave.

I’m more likely to bring personal supplies to the office than vice versa. I like specific pens, and keyboards, and notebooks. But they’re for me, I don’t stick them in the supply cabinet for general use.

The generic office supplies are trash, I assume in part because they don’t want people stealing the good stuff.

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Never tried printing work stuff at home - there’s no need

Well, I get a discount from the Hammermill paper supplier on paper for having sex and getting Outback Gift Certificates…

Gosh, I haven’t been to The Office in three years, so I am happy to report that I have not stolen any office supplies. Lately.
I might print a large manual if I do go to The Office. Talking 300+pages, so not going to Kinko’s.

you ever had sirloin steak?

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