Office Scripts -- Javascript (kinda) in Excel

Currently, it’s only in the Excel-on-web version (where VBA doesn’t work to begin with)

A video:

tl;dw - what was the conclusion? Should I, indeed, switch?

Here’s the conclusion:

This “Office Scripts” will likely eventually move to the desktop version. [probably 10+ years away]

When it records actions in the Excel-on-web, you get a pseudocode to the side during the recording (so you can tell what was recorded… and what wasn’t. Just like the macro recorder, some things don’t get recorded).

After you finish recording, you can look at the javascript (typescript) that was generated. The scripts are saved separate from your file [oh yay].

And you can write javascript in the scripts if you want. And it’s a different language from VBA to learn! Whee!

Oh, and Office Scripts is 0-based and not 1-based for location in arrays. Huzzah. [Another difference to remember]

That’s actually the first thing that popped into my head—“oh, geez…I don’t really even program all that well in vba, and now I’ll have to learn yet another language? :yuck:”