Offer for more senior position than I may be able to do

In short, got an offer from a reinsurer for a associate position (my current position is just a lead actuary of a small team). Money is better, work sounds more interesting and the firm is very good. However, the title sounds quite “up there” and I am not sure if I’m up for the task if I’m honest. There’s no need expectations for sales in the position (which I asked), apart from contributing to pitches etc which I think would be good for me to learn. Actual work should be doable, but I’m not sure if I’m in over my head with this as my progression so far in my career has been fast, and this is really the next step up.

Don’t worry about how different organizations hand out titles. In reinsurance, you have to be a VP to be able to carry the paper copies of the presentation to the meeting.

Did the work and expectations for the role fit your comfort level?


Probably slightly above my comfort level, but I won’t know fully until I start/accept it.


If you were offered the position, seems like you are doubting yourself more than they are.

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Each new position as you grow should start out as a reach, otherwise, you aren’t pushing yourself.


If they trust you enough to extend the offer, you’re good enough.
If you’re not, that’s not your problem, as long as you didn’t lie in the interview.

Agree that reinsurers hand out titles like candy. Don’t sweat the title.