OC1 & OC2

So I am looking at registering for OC1&2. I just have a few questions on them. I know these questions probably have been answered on the old AO, but alas its gone.

  1. Are the packages worth it? You get the textbooks, course guide, SMART study aids. Do they worth the $400? Would the study aid be practice questions?

  2. I guess are there other study materials available for the online course? I am mostly looking for practice questions.

  3. How long did you guys prepare for them?

Thanks in advance!


Also… what is “The Institutes”? Are they like a group of different societies (groups) amalgamated together? Is the Institutes the managing body for these groups? Or does it provide education services to these groups?

I read the (online) textbook and used the SMART questions. I studied for the 30 work hours I was allocated. That was plenty for me.

Maybe allocate a bit more practice if you know from your school days that you’re not good at taking moderately-poorly-written exams.

Cool, Thanks for the info Dav! In your opinion, which one is harder? OC1 or OC2?

Hm. I think 2 had a little more blatantly useless memorization? I don’t recall there being a big difference.

If you have prior experience with the material on one then that one is likely to be easier. (For example, if you’re already familiar with ISO policies.)

ok Thanks Dav! Really appreciate the information!