Nutrition thread

Thread for people who wanna eat good and do other things good too

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my weight hit a number that scared me. so have been trying to eat better.

Reducing alcohol and bread products - not eliminating
I need to start walking again every day - I think that was the biggest problem

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OK, I’ll just put in the basics:

  1. Don’t eat so damned much!
  2. Stay off the processed sugars.
  3. Don’t eat after 7PM.
  4. More protein, fewer carbs.
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Get unfiltered sunlight early morning. Get that early sunlight on a walk. Doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy day.

Drink mostly water. Only water if you can.

Get 7-9 hours sleep every night. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, even weekends.

Prepare and eat meals at home. Do so with friends/family if at all possible. There’s something almost magical about eating meals with people you love and who love you. Don’t underestimate this.

Eat lots of protein every day. Eat colorful fruits and vegetables every day.

Minimize or eliminate from diet stuff packaged in boxes, bottles, and cans.

Read labels. Avoid foods that are “enriched” or ones that contain a lot of hard to pronounce ingredients.

Find local farmers and ranchers, and buy from them.

A 3,2,1 pattern can be helpful - stop eating 3 hours before bed, stop drinking fluids 2 hours before bed, stop looking at all screens 1 hour before bed (I’m not great on the 3,2,1 thing).

Eat stuff you know is “bad” for you sparingly. It’s okay to have a piece of birthday cake, no need to feel bad about it.

Not all strictly nutrition ideas.

I already don’t drink alcohol anymore, that’s a huge issue for most. Pure added calories even if you’re not getting drunk.

Minimal added sugar in anything we eat. I try to buy nothing with added sugar, but sometimes forget and it slips through.

Make food from ingredients, or purchase products that are mostly made of real food. I’ll eat a Tyson chicken tender or something on occasion, but typically all food made at home.

Protein helps you feel full. I eat a lot of protein.

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Oh, again not strictly nutrition in the food/drink sense, but get sunlight on as much exposed skin as you’re comfortable with. Obviously avoid burning, but don’t use sunscreen if you can manage sun exposure by simply moving to shade for a while.

Dminder is a good app for this. You put in various parameters like your skin type, cloud cover, and amount of exposed skin. You’ll be reminded when it’s time get out of the sun to avoid burning.

The app reads your current location and will let you know when the rays from sun are at an angle where you can make vitamin D (closer to a hormone than vitamin). Depending on where you live, there may be months where you simply cannot make vit D. Supplement with D3+k2.


We’ve got to be considerate of those who have early dinners at 8pm.

My dermatologist would disagree.

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Agree, everything I’ve seen basically points to “sunscreen all the time is healthy for your skin”.

I recall reading at some point there is a small toxic effect, like when you’re using SPF 100. But from my reading, wearing something like SPF 20 makeup daily and actual sunscreen when expecting long-term exposure is always good.

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Have you guys tried cronometer, I heard you like, list the foods you eat, and then it tells you if you have too much or too little of something

I’ve tried cronometer to look at some specific nutrients that I was curious about. But tracking long term is not good for my mental health as I tend to hyperfocus. So I didn’t want to pay for it. (I needed to pay to track the nutrients I was interested in.)

i drink water within the last couple hours of being awake. somehow water consumption is bad?

I think the idea is to not have your sleep disrupted by having to go potty




Sunscreen is good for your skin. It’s less clear that it’s good for your overall health. Dermatologists tend to focus on the skin.

no, the idea is you’ll sleep better if you’re not getting up to pee during the night

If you’re talking about the vitamin D effect, many have low vitamin D without using sunscreen daily. Are there other issues with daily sunscreen use?

But what is their actual sun exposure? It won’t matter how long you’re in the sun if you’re wearing a burkha. exaggerated clothing choice to help establish a point

I mean, I don’t wear a burka, and I don’t use sunscreen every day as my dermatologist suggested, and I have low vitamin D. And when I brought it up in my mom’s group several years ago, many of my non-burka-wearing friends had similar stories.

So my question remains: besides the vitamin D issue, how might sunscreen be harming us?

Assume for the sake of argument that a person selects a formula with no known toxins.

But how much of your skin is actually directly exposed to sun light? Even if you don’t use sunscreen, “covering up” won’t help with getting Vitamin D via direct sunlight.

I agree with your general question around other ways sunscreen might be harmful.