Northern Lights

Do you live in the far Northern part of the US or Canada? Is it somewhat clear weather? Get outside tonight


I have found that the cloud cover where I live is directly correlated to the cool sky events. Northern Lights-cloudy, meteor shower-you betcha. I hope all of you out there have a better view than me.

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Ooh. I’m not quite far enough north, and it’s raining. But northern lights are really weird and wonderful.

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The tv stations have posted a couple pics that were sent in. One I saw was about 40 miles north of me while another was 45 miles south of me. I went outside and didn’t see anything.

(Not mine – it was cloudy when I went to bed.)

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I have pics of northern lights from a camping trip from last fall but I was asleep so missed it.
I did see them many years ago here in sw Ontario which is really rare.

It looks like some of you might get another crack at it tonight:

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Apparently, last night the aurora was seen as far south as San Diego.


What KP Index are you guys referring to?

The aurora oval is usually were you see the best NL

I have seen it in Northern Norway (near Tromso) but never saw it in Canada while I lived there (we never went north enough).

Taking the family to Lapland (northern Finland) this New Years so am banking on seeing them as my wife & daughter have never seen them.

Some of you get another shot on Thursday:

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The thing to remember is that such solar forecasts are extremely unreliable.

While there’s a decent chance the ionosphere will be disturbed, predictions of extreme disruptions are extremely speculative before 2-3 days out (and even then, the experts aren’t sure until about 30 minutes before events reach earth).

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too cloudy here

Seen a few hours ago in South Australia (similar distance from the pole as Tennessee):

Sadly it’s supposed to be cloudy here.

Doubt I’ll have a look Tonite at 2am

Next weekend I’m in northern Ontario and may set an alarm.

was just in Norway, didn’t see any, booked for Iceland in January

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