Noise Canceling Headphones

I have some cheap $40 over-the-ear headphones that reduce 80+% of airplane noise, so I bring them on trips to Europe and use them (without the noise canceling feature, I’m not at an airport when I’m] at work.

My wife can’t stand all the July 4 fireworks noises and camps out in the basement. I asked her if she thought some better noise cancelling headphones would be warrranted, and she didn’t say no, so that means maybe yes.

In our basement you would only hear maybe 20% of what you would hear outside, mostly just downpouring rain but pretty soon lots of fireworks. Are there good headphones that will eliminate noise even better so that my wife won’t be bothered?

Looking for recommendations, thx

Bose and Sony are the gold standards. The latest and greatest are $$$, imo save money and get a slightly older version, especially for Sony. The XM5 models have some kind of tech that automatically switches between noise canceling vs none and I’m told it’s not that great.

I have both the big Sony (WH-1000 XM3) and the buds (WF-1000XM3). The earbuds offer about 80% of the noise cancelling performance of the big ones and I typically go for those. I reserve the big ones for long travel days when I want the added comfort and longer battery life. I got my ear buds as Amazon refurbs like four years ago, substantially cheaper than new.

Bose are amazing, I personally find the Sony just a bit more comfortable, ymmv. You can get Bose at Costco and get the Costco warranty with them.

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