No motivation to post anything

I am like really sad because I know that whatever I post here, ao fan’s not going to be around to read it.

If you post something in a forum and there’s no ao fan around to read it, did you make a thread?

Or, what is the sound of one troll trolling?


It’s a trap: colonelsmoothie = ao fan :tfh:

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Sounds like the OP found a way around their conundrum.

What’d I miss? I thought she came back?

It still says the account is suspended. There must be some drama that the plebs are missing out on

I think she’s just not a fan of the ao anymore

I mean, does the AO even exist? (I’m not even going to look anymore, because the last time I looked to see what had been there… well.)

The AO will always exist as long as we remember it

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