Nintendo Switch Online

For the posters that own a Switch or Switch Lite, do you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership?

There are certain games that would be fun to play online with other members. From the top of my head:

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Super Mario Party
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Overcooked 2
Pokken Tournament DX

For members, I believe some of the free games on the virtual NES and SNES console allow online play as well.

Yes. Our kids like to play Luigi’s Mansion with their aunts and uncles, and we have played Animal Crossing with friends. It’s only around $30 a year, IIRC, so it’s worth the cost for us.

I don’t, but maybe I should. I will follow this thread.

Nintendo has a 7 day free trial if you’re interested. From their website, you can access it by going to the Nintendo eShop on the Switch.

I got Clue on my Switch and am enjoying it. I have been playing with my sisters and randos online.

I got a membership to play Switch Sports online because basically the only interesting feature of the game. I got to top ranking in Badminton then lost interest real quick.