Nikki Haley vs Don Lemon ("The View")

Nikki Haley should thank Don Lemon for dramatically increasing her name recognition as well as her share of the over-40 vote.

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Not sure what this is about.

Ah. Another nothingburder.

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Ok Boomer


It’s the view. Right in the title. What an IQ-draining cesspool.

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I don’t watch “The View.” Google results did not show the reactions of those on The View. Most were about his apology, and now the story is over. Cannot GAF about the View folks’ opinions on this.

Well it’s certainly giving Nikki Haley a lot of free air time and making Don Lemon look like a sexist pig.

I’m curious if he loses his job over this. If he doesn’t I assume there will be an on-air apology on Monday. He had already scheduled vacation today before the incident took place so he was not on the air today.

I’m not sure if it really is though. It was insanely sexist and indicative of just how much of a glass ceiling still exists for women. I think people are going to be talking about it for a while. Especially if he stays on the air.

At the risk of asking a really dumb question: what does The View have to do with Don Lemon & Nikki Haley?

(To be clear, Don Lemon’s cringeworthy comments were made on “CNN This Morning”, a show which he co-hosts.)

Lemon effectively called Haley old, when she is 5 years younger than him, while supporting an 80 year man for POTUS. wana piss off women over 40 much?

This isn’t a story, just Lemon caught with foot in mouth. dont think anyone actually cares.

It might get him kicked off the air.

It’s not going to help Haley get elected.

im not sure this was ever a real possibility.

I thought it was just the GOP throwing her at Trump to soften him before RD takes the main stage.

Why not?

She’s clearly in her prime.

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Only because

I think she’ll get more votes than she would have without the sexist comments, but I doubt it will be enough more to push her over the edge.

Well played! :laughing:

I think if it occurred during election season, and she were a democrat, it would boost her.

Being an R kills any bonus she might get from being a victim of sexism. See also that time Rs chose the Pussy Grabber over the First Woman President.

I hope she is on the Ticket as VP. Thats where this will start to matter as women havnt had much to root for in the GOP latley (ever?)

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I think she’s killed her chances of being Trump’s running mate.

DeSantis/Haley is a strong ticket. They should do that.

Having trump try to bully Haley is double win for gop- Help take down trump, gain sympathy from women that will spill over into the general.

they want to avoid an ugly fight between desantis and trump.

That certainly seems like the best possible GOP strategy if their choice is between DeSantis and Trump.

Chick on The View probably started pickin’ a little, talkin’ a little, pickin’ a little, talkin’ a little, cheep-cheep-cheep, then talked a lot and picked a little more.