I posted in the Seahawks thread how the NFL App gave stats on the Seahawks win-loss record for the last 12 games the team played at 10 AM ET (commenting that I was surprised they’d even played 12 games at 10 AM ET in team history… which should be in red font because of course they have absolutely NOT done this… no team has).

Anyway, now I have a new gripe about the app.

Most teams have now played 4 games this season. Yet on the scoreboard every single team is either 1-0 or 0-1.


I think the NFL needs to hire me to work on the app… their stats are no bueno.

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Can I be your intern? I have a lot of good ideas.


My initial focus would be to just correct the existing errors. Enhancements come after error corrections!!!

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Will Excel be the engine behind it? Seems like a most excellent choice.

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I doubt the problem here is platform selection!

I do love me some spreadsheets, but not THAT much.

And continuing in the grand tradition of erroneous statistics, the NFL app is currently reporting that the Raiders have a post-season record of 1-0, despite losing to the Bengals yesterday.

Similarly, but distinctly, the Bills have a post-season record of 0-1, despite defeating the Patriots yesterday.

C’mon NFL IT staff… do better.

Oh, they are also reporting that the Steelers and the Eagles (the two #7 seeds that would not have made the post-season last year) are “in the hunt” for a post-season berth.

No they’re not… they’re in. Update your model!

I think I know where my intern landed after the GoA FSP.


Eagles are now 1-0 after losing to the Bucs. It’s kind of amusing. If you look at the win-loss records two of the games resulted in both teams winning and one of the games resulted in both teams losing.

They just want to now how many people are using it, and care enough to notify them of the blatant errors.

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