Next slide please

I don’t get why the presenter has to tell someone else to press a button. They should to it themself imo.

This happens a lot within my company, since we have organization level meetings with external presenters. We don’t expect every “outsider” to have experience presenting on our virtual meeting software, and don’t expect them to spend extra time to get trained on it. It’s much more efficient to just have them provide the slides and our presenter advance through slides as requested.

I was at one once where some slick haired marketing guy would just make a pointing gesture in the air & this signaled to the “admin” to press the “next” button on the powerpoint slide machine.

i was a button presser at a company wide meeting recently. easiest job ever to get brownie points.

presenter - “next slide please”
ao fan - ON IT! and sometimes i was even early! i smart.



because they can’t do it themselves physically? either because they’re not the one sharing the slide (due to multiple presenters or maybe there’s an admin), or they are physically presenting in front of a screen and nowhere close to the clicker/computer

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Last time i presented i asked my boss (who was one of the three people presenting) to share the slides. I wanted to use my laptop without giving up to an external monitor, and i also wanted to see the presenter’s notes in ppt. So i preferred not to run the slides myself.

Significant lag time when one presenter has to stop “sharing screen” and have the next one “share screen” . . . easier to have one slide deck and one person “screen sharing” and have the presenter indicate when they’d like to progress to the next slide.

Just like Progressive . . . it helps with the Flo . . .

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Yep, I don’t have a problem with this.

You just don’t like to say “no” . . . just like the Fremen.

Oh definitely only one person running the slides per presentation. Anything else would be annoying.

Back in the before times, I gave some presentations in our big auditorium. There was a clicker thing that could be used to advance slides on the power point but it did not work. We had a person who advanced the slides for us in this case. We also did several run throughs and by the last presentation the slide advancer no longer needed us to tell them when to advance the slide.

Thread title reminds me of a great 80’s movie scene . . . (most likely NSFW)

Most of my presentations have animations and pop-ups and I have to switch back and forth from slides to a browser half the time, so this “next slide” thing would be a nightmare for me.

Before the pandemic, I would have had to do all of this in person at the client company (apparently 50% of my working hours). Some of us really lucked out with the pandemic.