New Year's plans

Got any plans for new year’s?

Washing my hair.

When is it on the gregorian calendar this year? Maybe I’ll roast that duck in my freezer to celebrate.

Might work better to roast it in the oven…



are you Chinese?

Maybe he’s getting ready for:

Are you trying to mansplain to Lucy how the kitchen works?
This will not end well.

Anywho, Google says Chinese New Year’s Eve is the 12th.

To CS: no, I’m not doing anything for that day. Not my culture (which is non-existent to some extent), so not my concern.

Ooh! Good idea. I’ll have to give that a try.

@PatientZombie , i am not Chinese, but i am fan of holidays.

I’m planning to eat apples and honey and hear the shofar blast. Hopefully I’ll be able to do so in person at a synagogue this year as opposed to Zoom.


New year coming up Sunday!!!


Do you have any plans?

Pimai is still 3 months away, I’m only doing this to appease the Chinese.

I might buy some dim sum this afternoon!!

I’m gonna not blast FACK to annoy my upstairs neighbor in honor of chinese new year (she’s chinese).

or mostly because I’m not home right now.