New website for actuarial exam prep

Just wanted to plug my website as a new resource for actuarial exam writers. I have study guides available here: Stochiki

To access free sample problems, click on the puzzle icon of each guide page. I ported all sample problems from the SOA for exam P, exam FAM-S, and exam SRM. If you register, you can save your answer for each problem with an available answer (such as the free sample problems provided by the SOA) and monitor your progress. To see your progress, just click on “performance” for each guide.

As an example, here is a link to an exam P sample problem from the SOA:

If you want to support the website, you can subscribe to each guide for a fee. This will give you access to additional problems and answers.

There is a Q&A forum for each page of each guide. It’s similar to stackoverflow. As an example, here is a demo question that I created for exam P (covariance):

I have also started uploading other guides in machine learning and statistics. For instance, here is an amazing free guide in machine learning by Professor Jung:

Thanks and good luck on your exams

Copied from the p exam forum:

I ported all the questions and answers from the SOA exam P sample problems:

If you create an account, you can save your answer for each question and measure your performance.
Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:

For instance, to access questions for set theory type questions, you can click here:

The SOA sample problems start at page 3. I have all 350 questions and answers which you can access by clicking on the puzzle icon of each page of the guide.

Quick update: I’ve added an exams section for each guide with many free exams. You can test yourself under a simulated exam environment. Click on “exams” for each guide. You need ot register and login to attempt these exams. All your results are saved and your performance is tracked.

as an example, I have 14 free exams for FM/2 and more than 500 free exercises.

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I wish this was around when I was taking exams!

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See my youtube channel on how to use the website: