New uber boss known as yeller, leave now, or wait it out?

Asking for a friend of course.

Friend’s new boss’s boss is known to yell at people. Direct boss is likely to go soon. If new uber boss yells at friend, they plan to simply leave immediately, like, literally walk out the door. I suppose new job prospects are better if friend left on their own before that?

Was it an internal promotion for old yeller? So how does HR handle it?
How much does your friend stand to gain(lose) by making a switch? Does your friend feel like they can help their co-workers out by saying something on the way thru the door?

I might use that as an excuse to seek a rotation/transfer to a new position and/or to start sending out resumes. It probably wouldn’t hurt to have a chat with HR as well.

Lateral move for yeller.
HR protects management.
Friend could probably make more leaving, but longer hours.
It wouldn’t help coworkers as much as just feel like pulling a power move on someone used to abusing their power.

Old yeller reports to CEO

Old Yeller dies in the end


And I suppose your friend doesn’t have a relationship with the CEO that they can drop in and voice their concerns in advance.

I suppose if they want to be able to leave immediately they should walk into HR on the way out and say they were concerned for their physical safety, which isn’t entirely unreasonable.

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Correct, one can only assume the CEO doesn’t care, the rumours of yelling are pretty widespread

  1. My first job out of school in insurance, I worked for someone that yelled a lot. Day long tantrums that spilled over to phone calls to my home evenings/weekends for more yelling.
  2. My first true actuarial job,my boss’ boss was a ruthless bitch. Conniving, sly, self-serving, and useless as an actuary. Absolutely a despicable person.

Person 1) is still in the industry and still screaming. If I named them, there’s likely people on this forum that would know who I’m talking about.
Person 2) got ever decreasing levels of responsibility over the years, but still managed people. No real demotions and never any limitations on their actions with other people. They eventually retired a few years ago with full company pension.

So tl’dr if your friend is waiting for things to get better, they’ll be waiting until the screamer dies or retires. Suggest Monday morning they silent quit and start their new FT job of looking for alternate employment. Don’t stop at anything til you’re out of there.

Bonus points, in the exit interview, tell HR that you decided to simply leave rather than firing up a lawyer against the company over this person’s toxic behaviour that you had to be exposed to and nobody at the company would do anything about. And let that percolate with HR as you move on.


What the :lobster: said.

Yeah I’d start looking now. Usually takes a couple months to find something you like and go through the interview process, so if you (err your friend) starts looking now they may still be able to do the insta walk out while already be moving down the process of getting another job.

I thought you were talking about Uber

This is a great idea and may even qualify you for unemployment.

I mean… your friend.

Scope out if yeller has a protector in upper management. If not, you can try HR but it’s only really going to work if like, everyone does it at once and for a prolonged period of time involving evidence gathering, etc. Even then they might not get fired until everyone quits already or something like that.


Nvm, your friend is boned. Walking out is an option as long as they have good savings.

They can also try to get laid off, maybe they can get severance.

“Yo boss, maybe we should trim the fat. Oh I’m fat btw so I can volunteer.”

That was my experience. I had this job where the annualized turnover exceeded 100%. At one point a friend (who was smart but had a business degree, not a math degree) was doing great work and got promoted to position that required a math degree. Which she didn’t have. And surprise, surprise, she did not excel at the job that she was not qualified for. So they fired her. After promoting based on her excellent performance. To a job they knew she wasn’t qualified for. It was so dumb.

I think that got the attention of my great-grand-boss who suddenly pulled me off my project and transferred me to be working directly for him. At one point about two months later he made the comment “you’ve really proven yourself to me” as though he was somewhat surprised by this.

I can only assume that I was next on the chopping block and he decided to put his foot down and figure out if everyone they were firing was really as bad as they claimed. A few months later my original boss and grand-boss were fired. But that was after losing a crap-ton of good employees. Some fired, others quit due to stress and/or fear of being fired.

It took a LONG time to get rid of boss & grand boss.

My first job out of college, my actuarial dept was great, but the chief actuary reported to the chief marketing officer, who was a man child. He’d yell at people, schedule meetings at 5:00 on Friday, mutter things ‘under his breath’ but certainly loud enough for folks to hear.

I finally decided I was getting out. Got a job in a different state, different industry. My exit interview went for about two hours and I laid it all out. Unprofessional, rude, condescending. And conflicts of interest. He was paid on sales, not profit. But the actuaries did the pricing, we were supposed to keep business profitable. And it’s hard to do that when the CMO can overrule you or berate you.

Yada yada yada, two months after I left he was no longer the CMO. They put the CFO in charge of all things pricing and hired a new CMO. The CEO kept him on because they went way back but he was put on ‘special project’ duty.


In my interviews, I will ask under whom the actuaries lie. If the Chief Actuary reports to the CEO, great. CFO is a little worse but acceptable. Anything else, like Underwriting or Marketing (that has got to be the worst), and that tells me the company doesn’t understand how important the actuaries are for the company (which, in my cases, is insurance).

For OP: if you (or anyone) cannot tell a person to stop yelling, what the hell is wrong with you?

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:rofl: right it’s the people being yelled at who are the problem

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