New Syllabus

I can’t believe I’m going to have to re-study Brehm and Bernegger. :face_vomiting:

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At least they got rid of robbin from last syllabus.

Did the CAS provide any reasoning as to why to change the format of the Exam so much? Adding Brehm from Exam 7 and that Cat and Model Fitting Papers from Exam 8 is a big change along with what appears to be dropping several Exam 9 papers. But I’m even more curious about things like Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, Matching…

Is the goal with that having simpler questions that can test more material/questions on an exam? It’s so weird to feel like it’s going back to the Pre-2011 Exams in some way with multiple choice coming back…

What are your thoughts?

My thoughts are multiple choice are a lot easier to grade, and grading volunteers are hard to come by. Fill in the blank seems weird but I think multiple choice is totally reasonable

That makes sense. I was wondering if it was to align with their objective to grading faster.

Do we know if they actually plan to have multiple choice or fill in the blank, or is that just boilerplate from other exams?

I didn’t think the 3 uppers where going to have any format changes, just topics switcharoos but could be wrong.