New features? New features!

I just upgraded to the latest version of the site software and it didn’t even crash which was a refreshing change.

Apparently the latest version has these new features. They look interesting, so I’m passing them along. I haven’t tested, looked at, or investigated any of these new features. My sole contribution was a cut and paste.

User Status

Users can set a custom emoji and message to share their current status with the community.


Customizable Sidebar

Community members can add categories, tags, and chat channels to their sidebar for easy access to the discussions they care most about.


Chat in real time

Create channels for community members to chat more informally and build relationships.

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Flash Gordon GIFs | Tenor


I was in probably fifth grade when we got our VCR. I read the manual and learned how to program the clock, as well as program it to record a specific channel at a specific date and time. Flash Gordon was one of the first VHS tapes that my family borrowed from the library. Good times.