New Excel functions

The new ones actually coming out, not the ones you’d like


I would use textafter and textbefore. Especially useful if the format for policy or claim numbers have undergone historical changes.

Interesting how Bill gates, in his famous open letter to the computing world in 1976, dissed the APL community because he wasn’t making enough money on software.

No, some 46 years later, Microsoft introduces new array functions that APL had in 1976, manipulating arrays with a mere two characters, the “,” and “ρ” {comma and rho}

Well, when you’re free to make up new characters whenever you want it’s easy to make everything one character. And APL’s operators aren’t exactly all winners.

TAKE and DROP, you say? :arrow_up: :arrow_down: :heynow: :meep:

Do you have a couple in mind?