New CAS Monograph Released on Federal Income Taxes

The New CAS monograph can be found here:

Do they still test how to calculate income tax on Exam 6U? The Tax Cut and Job Act of 2017 changed the corporate tax rate and eliminated the corporate AMT, so it probably wasn’t fair to test those topics anymore. Now we have a new way to haze educate candidates.

There was income tax on 6? lol

I vaguely remember something on double taxation that was never tested.

I’m a fellow and proudly don’t know much about taxes. I aint’ no accountant!

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I remember studying the bit about how to correctly calculate taxes and being peeved when it wasn’t tested

I remember being given excerpts from the annual statement, having to calculate U/W and investment income, then calculating the regular income tax compared to the AMT. Flipping through the old syllabi, it was from an old Feldblum paper.

It was actually a pretty help exercise to go through, but it was rough to study for.

This was on the syllabus when I was tested. It wasn’t useful for me in practice.

I haven’t looked at the monograph, but this sounds like a great idea. I remember the Feldblum tax papers for Exam 6 being riddled with typos.