Nervous Thoughts

I got approved for semiglutide, I’m starting with the low dose oral version, should be here shortly.

I’m active enough, but my diet isn’t great (better than it used to be!), hoping I can peel off 20-30lb and stay there. I’ve got a really large frame and a fair amount of muscle, I’m never going to hit the weight you see on the charts as ‘healthy.’

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Sounds like my husband. He is naturally very muscular, especially in his legs and toosh. He looks healthy when his BMI is close to the obese range, and way too skinny when he is in the “normal” BMI range.

Also I’m curious how the oral route goes for you. I didn’t really consider it, but I know of lots of people who have, mostly from a fear of having to do the needle jab.

In HS and college I lifted weights, by grad school I was usually around 12% body fat, not ripped but not quite fat, and about 235lb. I went to the annual health fair at the college and they told me I was like 65lb over my ideal weight, and squarely in the ‘morbidly obese’ part of the chart. Good times.


I don’t mind needles, but the pills were a little bit cheaper and from what I’ve read the efficacy is about the same, so.

I’ll let ya know.

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I’ll be attending court the next few days. The prosecution anticipates resting their case sometime next week. When I originally pulled the witness list before the trial started, the defense only had two people on their list, although I anticipate it’s longer now. I’d been feeling numb and detached during much of the trial, until a surge of rage last week when going over identity theft of my mother, who’d died a couple of months prior. I’m feeling anxious about the trial wrapping up–how deliberations will go, any last-minute surprises, whether there will be an appeal. While I’m hoping for a guilty verdict on all counts, I’ll be reasonably satisfied if the defendant gets a long enough sentence to effectively be for life.


Kids in pools make me nervous, even though I watch them like a hawk. Had to save a random kid a couple days ago because his parents weren’t paying attention and he was panicking silently in the deep end.