Need phone-game recommendations

Last year at the 5814-family Christmas party we all started playing a game on our phones called Two Dots.
google: '
apple: '

We’ll compare scores at this year’s 5814-family Christmas party (by sharing screen shots of our progress since some of us won’t attend).

We’re looking for suggestions of a different game to play…probably a puzzle type game with different levels…something that you can play for few minutes a day and then move on with your life…something that’s good to pop out when you’re waiting for the bus to arrive or life’s moments such as that…something that you can pick up and put down easily.

We’d kind of like it to be one that none of us has played before. That way no one gets a “head start”. That’s why I’m soliciting your input.

Bazooka Boy

On the ios app store there’s “Bazooka Boy (Shooting game for boys)” and “Bazooka Boy! (Join us as sharpshooter)”.

Which one of these are you referring to?


See who can get their ELO rating on Catan Universe the highest?

This one (the one by Supersonic Studios):
‎Bazooka Boy on the App Store (

You could also up the ante by having the kids vote for the best adult “skin” . . .

I like the last name 5814

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Thanks. I’m somewhat fond of it.

Thanks for that.

I have no idea what you’re talking about, so here’s a bunny with a pancake on it’s head: :bunny:


For every 5 levels you complete, you get some sort of “gear” that you can equip your Bazooka Boy. Some are “common”, some are “rare”, and others are “epic”. But you can change the look by selecting headgear, chest gear, and “pants”.


Sister posted the OP-inquiry to facebook, so we received a few more suggestions there.
I’ll give a brief summary of my thoughts (in order of preference):

CodyCross is tolerable
Bazooka Boy is okay but no way Grandma would enjoy it
Find Out is quite tedious
The “Love Hue” games are hard on the eyes
Letterpress is too wordy

Sister’s reply to me:

So, :bump:ing this thread for more suggestions/ideas.