Need computer desktop background

I just got a new laptop. I need a computer desktop background to replace the lenovo default.

I’d like to have something “mathy” but my quick search online just shows a bunch of pages with a bunch of random math equations. :yawning_face:

The Mandelbrot set is an oldy but a goody. I could do that one again but it seems a bit “obvious”.

Your suggestions are requested. It doesn’t have to be math related. That’s just where I was leaning.


How about an abacus?

Good idea. I went with this one…for now.

Still accepting suggestions.

Do a screenshot of a random spreadsheet. Then you can quickly minimize everything and look like you’re working!


yeah! and be accused of leaving sensitive information on my screen!!!


Or a slide rule?

What about a flow chart?

Some sort of complicated Venn diagram?

Maybe something not work related? All my backgrounds are outdoor themed, not work themed.

At a former company I had Disneyland Haunted Mansion wallpaper as my screen wallpaper. Now, my work laptop doesn’t allow personalization.

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I don’t have a desktop background. It’s just black.

I do have one on the wake screen. It’s a shot of some sort of volcano. It was on the machine when I took it over.

I don’t have a screen saver. The monitor just goes to sleep after a while. 30- 45- 60-minutes?

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I’m looking for desktop backgrounds on Pinterest. There are always very beautiful pictures on any subject. By the way, congratulations on your purchase! I recently bought a Lenovo laptop,

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Ooops. That’s a screen saver.

Those born before 1990 might have no idea about this.