NAIC LATF Fall Meeting

LATF has always met the last two weekdays before the rest of the NAIC meeting. That made it easier to visit the meeting during M-F work hours, and leave - or stay for the weekend - without having to register for the whole NAIC meeting (which was rarely worthwhile for actuaries). It also provided the rest of the NAIC with solid material to chew on, which was very helpful to the non-actuary regulators (especially those who hadn’t worked on their NAIC assignments between meetings).

LATF set Sunday-Monday (December 11-12) for this fall’s meeting. What’s worse, if you live west of Florida and your boss doesn’t send you to the meeting, it starts at 8 a.m. Eastern Time, which means calling in at 5 am (still in PJ’s?) from the West coast (or 3 am from Hawaii). The “meaty” part of the meeting is all on Sunday, with other NAIC subgroups meeting at the same times. :frowning:

A few years ago, the NAIC inadvertently scheduled its meeting to start on a Jewish holiday. When that was protested, they jumped through hoops to move it off of the holiday. It is disappointing that they aren’t as considerate of those who don’t work on Sundays (and might want to go to church).

p.s. My boss was going to try to go to LATF, but the hotel is full. Florida holiday travelers. :smiley: