NAFTA & Canadians Working in the US

Has anyone here emigrated from Canada to the US to work under the terms of NAFTA? IIRC @Tiffany did, but it looks like she has been suspended (if anyone knows her and is willing to send her my contact info I would appreciate it). I am trying to understand what this looks like from the employer perspective. Is the employer under any obligation similar to sponsoring H1B? Is the employer required to complete any paperwork or is there any additional burden placed on the employer during the hiring process or if the individual is let go?

Obviously we’ll do some research ourselves, but I know we have plenty of Canadians here and thought someone might already be familiar with the process.

I have an employee working under NAFTA. No obligation for hiring other than writing a letter confirming the job offer. I have no idea what happens in case of a layoff.

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I worked on a TN visa many, many years ago. At the time, I needed a letter from the employer, and a copy of my degree, plus there was an interview with a US border agent. I have no idea what happens if you let go of the individual.

I got an L1 visa a bit over 20 years ago but that experience might not be relevant to you?

A couple days ago I spoke with someone in my network who went from Canada to the states on a TN visa. He only had a few CAS exams and no designation when he made the switch. I reached out to him because I intend to make the switch some time early next year.

He told me when he was applying to different companies, he would answer “no” when asked “do you require sponsorship”. He also mentioned that he had much better luck with big companies when it came to getting interviews, most likely because they know all about how easy it is to go through the TN route for Canadians (ie no complicated paperwork for the employer unlike H1, etc). He said since he didn’t have credentials at the time, the offer letter said something like “mathematician” or something. But for someone with credentials, it would probably say “Actuary”.

Anyway, he said at big companies, because they have a lot of experience with the TN process, they usually just have their lawyers prepare a package for the Canadian actuary to take to the border. It includes things like the offer letter, proof that the company is legit (ex like the companies financial statements or something?), etc. Don’t think there’s anything complicated like the H1 and other visas.

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