My simple solution to stop school bullying

I think we should just make school optional. The bullies would probably just not attend and then the kids who would actually want to learn can do so in peace.

Your solution, at best, will only change the location(s) of where the bullying takes place . . . and I don’t think that making it optional will deter bullies from going to school to exercise power.

[dtms]but then at least it won’t be school bullying [/dtms]

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Yeah, bullies are everywhere, at every age.

It’s not the setting.

People are just shit.

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Since schooling won’t be mandatory, you can also just kick them out kind of like how you can fire someone at work for being an asshole.

The latter isn’t a guaranteed available action from the former.

And the latter is already available today through suspension and expulsions.

The vast majority of employers have said that in most cases, you really don’t need past about 9th grade math on the job. So just end compulsory ed past 9th grade. (Perhaps reorganize so that K-3 is elementary, 4-6 is intermediate, and 7-9 is middle.)

I think we should use expulsions more liberally imo

Shoot I meant more readily, didn’t wanna piss off the conservatives with that statement.

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Like it is today, more or less?

School is compulsory until age 16 . . . which would be around 10th grade for most . . .

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the kid who was the biggest bully towards me in junior high was high school valedictorian at a different high school than me. so, no. good students are bullies.

this other bully who died skydiving (SPLAT!!!) also was pretty high up in his high school rankings.


not the generalizations based on personal anecdotes

Probably should have gotten fired from school imo

from what I have seen, bullying is a lot different now than 30 years ago.

I think schools around here have done a decent job of changing that culture. For boys anyway, where the physical bullying is more obvious.

cant speak for girls, holy shit they are mean to eachother.

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the real bullying comes from social media.

teachers and parents can’t catch those.

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boys also bully girls.

but not like in the old days where you would just get your ass kicked on the playground in 5th grade every day.

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physical bullying is passe in the age of social media.

to bully successfully nowadays you can’t leave evidence of physical violence, that’ll get you canceled easily. girls are much better at nonphysical violence. they thrive on social media

so parents freak out and monitor everything their kids do online using tracking apps.

Speaking of bullying online, what’s the youngest age it’s OK to start partaking in social media?