My simple solution to keep people from doing drugs in the bathroom

IMO if there was like a clean room for people to do drugs that was well maintained they would be going there instead rather than the bathroom.

Something like this?

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What’s wrong with taking drugs in the bathroom?

It’s where ppl poop and it smells bad

Colonel Smoothie is opening up his office and residence to benefit humanity

oh the irony

Canada wins again! America is such a 20th century country.

Don’t we already have a room like this- the bathroom?

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is that clean room simpler or more complicated than creating a society in which people don’t feel the need to do drugs to escape from their problems?

Simpler, but less effective, IMO

Looks like Eastern Africa is doing well.

Disclaimer: I did not check where they get their data, so this could be junk.

All I smell is gasoline