My simple solution to disincentivize tanking

Yo I heard Cade was gettin’ real sad about that 25 game n counting losing streak of his so I gotta plan to turn that frown upside down.

Like, if we get rid of the draft, teams will stop tanking or else face insolvency because their fans hate them. So that would incentivize owners to invest more in their teams rather than to have a guaranteed shot at getting a #1 star for peanuts the following year.

and how does a Pittsburgh compete with an LA?

It would work if more sports have a true shared revenue and salary caps

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They don’t. They should have a minor league team that serves as a feeder into a bigger team like Philly.

Also I don’t get why athletes have contracts. They should be able to just quit midseason and sign with whatever team and that would also make Cade happy.

I think they have contracts so they don’t just quit midseason and sign with whatever team that would make them happy.

Dropping the draft and adopting Pro/Rel gets rid of tanking a lot easier. Plenty of smaller towns (Columbus, St Louis) that would like to have a local basketball team to compete against other small towns’ basketball teams, and maybe get good enough to compete against the bigger towns’ teams. Downside is that billionaire owners like their socialist and slave-like (but paying millions) system just the way it is. Also on the downside is that billionaire oil barons buy out the billionaires, make teams play in the Middle East a few times a year.

After the Bears started 0-3, I’ve been conflicted whether I want them to win or lose every game except for when they played the Panthers (because the Bears own their first pick). Which got me thinking… why don’t teams trade picks going into the season? Let’s say the Panthers finish last this year. They think the Patriots will be the worst team next year and take their 2025 draft pick. Now instead of the Panthers wanting to lose next year for a better draft pick, they want the Patriots to lose. The league could make sure these teams play each other to add some excitement.

You could make a rule that no team moves more than 5 spots from where they actually finish. In the example above, say the Panthers finish last again and the Patriots win the Super Bowl. The Panthers would then get the 6th pick, not the 32nd.

The Pistons have lost 25 in a row. I hope they make it to 27, then 30, then 41. I don’t care, it doesn’t hurt me; I’m more interested in the “how bad can this really get” morbid curiosity angle.

Are the Pistons intentionally tanking? I don’t know. I don’t care. If teams are intentionally tanking, and league by-laws have language to the effect of “every team should do its best to win,” then the solution to intentional tanking is really simple.

Strip the team of its 1st-round pick.

That instantly stops the problem, because there’s no longer any reward for intentionally tanking. There’s an entire discussion about how we prove intentional tanking from indifferent tanking vs. recognizing the season is lost and the near-term future is bleak and that a rebuild is necessary to get better longer-term vs. “this is just a really bad / poorly-constructed team” and where the line gets set on what’s “acceptably being bad” vs. what’s not, but I have a different view on it.

If teams are intentionally tanking and there’s no league by-law language about it? Well, that’s the league’s problem - it needs to decide if the “problem of tanking” needs to be addressed, and then do something meaningful about that rather than make some half-ass decision that’s more likely to affect teams not tanking but who are just bad.

I have zero problem if teams want to tank. That probably puts better players on other teams, who are more likely to make the playoffs, which means more teams with higher quality in the postseason, which makes for a more competitive postseason that’s more entertaining to watch. I’d rather that than some team half-ass tank but keep a couple good players to avoid outright tanking. Teams who intentionally tank don’t have a green light to a future championship, and they likely have to deal with fan backlash and the loss of revenue that comes with it - especially if the initial tanking effort fails and it leads to a long period of non-success.