My kitten just caught a mouse

On the one hand, I’m proud of him.
On the other, ick, we have mice in the house.

I don’t want to discourage him, but i also don’t want him to leave a little rotting corpse where i can’t find it until it stinks.


Our cat drags in a rodent from our backyard probably about once a month. She’s not an outdoor cat but she hangs out in sunspots in our backyard (too dumb/fat to jump the fence). They’re usually the rats that try to get into our compost pile, but occasionally it’s a baby squirrel that falls off our phone line trying to cross from the roof to the garage. It’s sad. It’s worse when our sensitive 8 year old finds the rodent.

Seems like a win overall. Just go with it.


A tale as old as our relationship with kitties, when we invited them in to help with vermin. Good kitty.


I waited until he got bored and looked for new things to play with. Then i took the dead mouse outside. Well, there was a half hour search for the dead mouse, first. But all’s well that ends well.

Yes, good kitty.

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Better to find a mouse corpse than a pile of mouse droppings

Beautiful cat btw


Start a count. Give rewards.

Don’t keep the presents.

Get worried when it starts evolving to small game.


Thanks! We have three.

Pippin is such a mellow cat, who loves belly rubs. But he’s also the only killer of the three. The white one is Merry, and he’s very cuddly, but also squirmy, and all those claws marks on my shoulders are from him suddenly deciding to jump off me. The tortoise cat is Rachel. She’s the old lady, and she’s slow and probably a little arthritic. She’s also skin and bones under all that fur. We are trying to fatten her up. We adopted her when her prior owner was too impaired (by age and disease) to care for her any longer.

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Officially a cat lady.


The household has a1:1 ratio is people to cats, though so maybe not.

I think 1:1 is the tipping point!

I think they’re usually pretty proud of their work and leave it as a gift to you. So maybe praise the cat and hope for more. :grimacing:

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No, he didn’t give it to us. He played with it for a while, and then tucked it into an out of the way spot where i had trouble finding it.

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Pippin looks a lot like a former cat I had. Dexter was also a killer but a sweet boy.

My 2 current cats will kill (and eat) a gecko occasionally when one gets in the house, but I don’t think they have the skill to kill a mammal. A flying squirrel got into the house one time. They chased it and had it trapped in the corner, but didn’t kill it. I wss able to rescue the little guy.



I sold my first house to a woman with a 6:1 ratio!

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Like the title character of the TV show?

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I named the cat long before the TV show was out, but yes it was oddly appropriate

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That house probably smells crazy now

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At least the mouse still had its head on.

When I was a kid, our cat delivered headless mice.

And dead bunnies. At my nightlight.

We were never able to do much about it, except one time I caught it with a merely stunned bunny and robbed dear Kelloggs of its kill. The cat was pissed off.