My cat has been trying to use the toilet

Okay so after learning how to flush the toilet my cat has been constantly following me into the bathroom and climbing on the lid and stuff. She’s still been flushing it like 3 times a day or so.

Last night I woke up to the sound of the toilet flushing and I found a big blob/stream of urine on the outer lid, which I keep down at night. Pretty sure it wasn’t me, it could only be one other being in the house…

I thought she just liked watching the water swirl down but it seems like she’s actually trying to use the toilet like a human. Weird…

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You can teach a cat to use the toilet. You should get one of those kits to do that. Its a litter pan that fits over the toilet but under the seat. After they consistently use it, you just remove the pan.

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City kitty! As seen on shark tank!

Maybe my cat is ready to learn. I told my wife that the cat is a Beatles fan.
She came in through the bathroom window this morning. :slight_smile: