Muted categories not respected on mobile?

On mobile, if I go to the default categories page, it will show threads from forums I have muted. (On desktop, it doesn’t show threads, just categories). Intended or bug?

It seems to be deliberate but there’s a plugin to turn them off. I’ll get installed.


This just in from my ticketing system:

  • Status changed from New to In Progress
    I feel like they should be working on the system to generate the reports that I want instead, but here we are.

Lmk if it’s working correctly now.

Nope, I still see ‘Kyle Rittenhouse Trial’ on the top of The Sandbox topics list.

Google how to do a hard refresh on your phone model. The change is css I think and needs to be reloaded.

Apparently this is not easy to do on safari on the iphone. I’ll have to try some things tonight and let you know.

I just did a forum upgrade in the hopes that accomplishes the refresh. If not, I’ll do some testing.

I believe it’s working now.