Music Mixing Software

Looking for suggestions on music mixing softwares. I’m looking mostly at Ableton Live.

My partner has requested I make them an original remix over the next year. I have 12 months and am researching options. I don’t want to drop hundreds on something I’ll likely use rarely.

I’ve used Ableton a little. I haven’t looked since the latest version came up at the beginning of the year, but with the previous version you could get their intro version for about $100. OR if you’re looking to buy some hardware, there are several things out there that cost about the same that give you a free version of, essentially, the intro version. I’ve got this, for instance:
I believe intro version limits the number of tracks, but the number wasn’t too small - 16, maybe? You get fewer of everything, but there’s a good likelihood that’s all you’ll need.

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I’m looking for software only, but thanks for the leads!

The learning curve for what I wanted it for (live performance to replace a keyboard rig and possibly guitar rig), was very steep. There are a ton of videos out there and a problem I had was just trying to narrow it down to info I needed. The vast majority of the info there covers looping and playing clips using Ableton. But there is info out there if you look. I’ve used it for some recording, but wasn’t that concerned about the quality at the time, so I’ve never really used it for anything but rudimentary mixing. It comes with lots of processing capability out of the box, plus there is a ton of really good free addons available.

I know I have a steep learning curve ahead of me, but there is time to work on it. Not worrying about doing anything live, I’m attempting a “plunderphonics” style mix in this vein (surely not as good of course.)

I used to do some live amateur DJ work, but it was mostly just matching BPMs to bring songs in/out and having a sense of which songs to play when.

My point is that you buy the software for $100 or you can buy a piece of hardware which includes a copy of the same software for $100. So you could look at it as effectively getting the hardware for free. And the hardware can be very helpful in allowing you to work while minimizing having to touch a computer keyboard.

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Hmmm… You have a point. I’ll have to research after work.

Also, my local library subscribed to something that had free online Ableton courses (and I think other similar software). You might want to check into that too, at least to get started.

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Also, you might check you local area for an Ableton users group. There is one near me. I think they could be helpful, although I can’t say I’ve used my local users group as a resource.

Unsurprisingly, nothing in my area of the Po, but great suggestion, thanks!

Maybe something on Facebook or similar will turn up results.

Btw, if anyone is thinking of using Ableton for this, I’d strongly suggest going instead with Gig Performer. It is similar in concept to Mainstage, but runs on both PC and Apple (Mainstage is Apple only) and is reportedly much more stable. And it is WAY easier to set up what you want to do for live performance in Gig Performer than it is in Ableton. Basic stuff is very easy to set up, but it also has a scripting language, so you can do some complex stuff with a little work. It costs almost twice a basic version of Ableton, though.

would something like audacity fit the bill?