Murder Mystery

I am working on a murder mystery for my partner for their upcoming birthday. I’ve never done something like this.


3-4 main suspects who will be pretty quickly obvious. Other participants have a crib sheet for what they know - they’ll be generally chilling and doing whatever.

Each non-suspect has about 3 facts and 1 red herring about each suspect. The red herrings can be figured out with other facts.

Example: “I heard that he and his younger brother were going to inherit a fortune from their uncle. As I recall it was a… substantial amount. Maybe he didn’t want to share it.”

Another side character, “That man? I’m not even a gambler, but I went a few times this past year and saw him glued to the slots each time. If he was rich, than I’m the Queen.”

I’m early in development but wondering if anybody has done something like.

did you try googling Free Murder Mystery Scripts?


Haven’t the time to read it just now, but probably this fixes everything. I might re-tool some bits.

The butler did it

Have you watched “glass onion”? Don’t do that one.


Lol yeah. That wasn’t the worst movie, it was good trash. My partner loves Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys type stuff.

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A friend recommended glass onion last night. Did they have the Beatles song in the soundtrack?

always figure out who you want to murder first. then think about how and when. and plan, plan, plan. leave no detail to chance.

wait, this is for a party game? ignore the bit above. sounds like great fun! hope everyone enjoys it…

3 Likes might be helpful in some sort of way

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Yes it plays over the credits.

That’s actually… a fucking beautiful idea.

I’ve seen this used a lot recently as jumping-off points for D&D, did not even think of it for a murder mystery.

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