Municipalize the Parking Meters

I think we should take back the parking meters like that one guy did with that canal.

First: Huh?
Second: Aren’t all parking meters municipal?

Many cities have privatized parking enforcement

A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.


I’ll need somewhere to park my wheels when we meet up for Happy Hour!!! :+1:

I think Cool Hand Luke had the best idea.

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They were sold to UAE for peanuts.

We should also nationalize the alfalfa while we’re at it, but we have another thread for that.

They are where I live. I don’t know where CS lives, but Chicago sold theirs.

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Okay maybe without the deal, we wouldn’t have gotten Tadej. But do two wrongs make a right?

My city’s meters are all city-run. It’s pretty nice, being a tourist town, there is plenty of free parking everywhere, but the tourists get fleeced.

We even have drop-boxes to pay your unpaid meter ticket right on the downtown streets.